About UKCI

The UK performing arts sector is world famous for quality and innovation and every day, all over the world, people are watching united kingdom productions.

There is increasing interest in performing arts education in Asia and a strong emerging demand in China for teaching and training in the performing arts. This in turn will require some way of indicating the quality of courses that come on offer and training Chinese teachers to teach the performing arts.

UKCI looks to stimulate quality assurance of drama and performing arts in China through certification and to assist in developing courses relevant to that quality insurance.

At the heart of this is a belief that performing arts can be of value to the individual, to the group and to the society. In China now there seems to be a real thirst for ‘soft’ skills and creativity to match and assist the economic explosion.

UKCI was initially developed with the co-operation of Drama UK which was an officially recognised accrediting body in the United Kingdom.

UKCI has now a proven track record in China in providing:

· Performing arts courses for 3 to 15-year olds

· Teacher training

· High end original shows performed by young Chinese performers

· Summer and winter camps

Shortly, UKCI will be the first company to offer certification.

What distinguishes UKCI is a reputation for quality.

UKCI has achieved much, including partnership agreements with:

· Beijing Normal University, China’s top university for Education

· CETV, the national education channel.

A recent success is an original musical, ‘Silk…the Eternal Road’, which played in Beijing in November 2017, in Barcelona and Madrid in February 2018, and has performances planned in Prague and Austria for autumn 2018.  This fits with President Xi’s Belt and Road initiatives and adds to UKCI’s growing reputation.







July 03, 2018


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